About Us

A Different Kind of Roofing Team

It’s been just over ten years since Russ Patzer left his job as an Intel engineer to start Sun Valley Solar Solutions. Russ’ mission was simple: change how people power their lives to help them save money while ensuring a cleaner and more sustainable energy future. Millions of installed solar watts later, and propelled by an unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Sun Valley Solar Solutions is one of the most respected and awarded solar companies in the United States.

Recognizing that any solar array will last only as long as the roof to which it is mounted, Russ has now turned his innovative mind to the world of roofing—tapping into the experience and passion of veteran roofing professional Eric Perry to help him re-imagine roofing through modern, eco-conscious principles and products designed specifically for the 21st century.

Vision Meets Experience

Azul Roofing Solutions’ COO Eric Perry has been at the top of the roofing game here in Arizona for nearly 20-years. The son of a roofer, Eric was literally born into the job, and has served as Sun Valley Solar’s go-to roofing expert for many years. Always completed on-time and with flawless execution, Eric understands sustainability principles, and has a genuine passion for discovering the latest roofing technologies and techniques to better serve his customers.

Prior to joining Azul, Eric honed his skills in the trenches for some of Arizona’s most noted roofing companies. Whether repair or replacement, commercial or residential, Eric has probably put a lid on it.

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